Wednesday, 3 February 2010

What the February?!

Yo! Yet again it has been a very long time since I last updated this, apologies are in order... I'll try my best to fill you in on the last few months events (that's if anybody is actually reading this!).

The first thing that springs to mind would be going to Chew the Fat back in November. This one was held in Matter, which is inside the O2 Arena. I got an early train up to London to do a bit of shopping before meeting everyone else later on. Luckily my good friend Malcolm came up early and we proceeded to get nice and drunk in a bar around the corner from Matter. After meeting everyone else we headed inside... Only for a few of us to be thrown out straight away for being too drunk! Luckily I got in! The venue was pretty sick, as was the soundsystem, and everyone had a good time dancing for the first few hours. The only problem with these things is that they finish at 6am, by which time you've usually sobered up! This night was no exception and I ended up leaving around 4am to go and meet Edel, Dunc and Dixon who (after being kicked out at the start) had been waiting inside the train station all night! Somehow they were all still super crunk? We all ended up getting the first train back to Aylesbury and went straight to bed.

After Chew the Fat I discovered that a few of the other guys were given a CD on the train by a rapping butcher who goes by the name: 'Da Meatman'. I recommend the album to anybody, it's literally the funniest thing I've listened to in years!

The only thing I really remember about December was landing myself a full-time job! Somehow I found myself employed by the Slug & Lettuce in Aylesbury, working as a chef? Anyway, I was soon to realise that this was far from the best job in the world. I was working thirteen hour shifts on Fridays and Saturdays which was far from nice... Anyway I'm no longer working there, it was horrible and screw working full-time! Other than working, the only other thing I really remember about December was how much it snowed. There must have been about 6 inches of snow, which is prety mental before Christmas!

New Years eve was a bit of an anti-climax compared to last year. I still had a sick night but missed out on going to a house party in London with the others... Me and Big K ended up meeting some people in Wendover, it was pretty jamming but not nearly as mental as it could/should have been!

January wasn't a particularly exciting month because of how much I was working at the SLug & Lettuce... We did have a really good night in Milton Keynes for Freshie's birthday though. It was nice having a night out with both the Aylesbury guys and the MK guys! Everybody got reeeal drunk and I ended up getting a train home in the early hours of the morning.

And that brings me up to this month, February! Yet again it's been snowing a lot, particularly at the start of the month. On one of the very snowy days Big K and I decided to walk up Coombe Hill for some reason. It was like a blizzard and we could hardly see anything! After reaching the top K was attacked by a horse, which proceeded to steal his drink and chew it up. It was so funny at the time, he was absolutely terrified!
Later that night I watched Barak Obama's state of the union speech. I hope he delivers!

I somehow ended up taking three trips to Oxford in the space of six days earlier this month. A couple of these were just for shopping; I bought a new board and some new SB's, standard. I managed to convince Elliot and Edel to come out in Oxford purely just for a fun night out, and we ended up having a pretty good time! We sat in McDonalds getting crunk in the warm for an hour or so, then headed to a club which I still can't remember the name of! It was a really funny night and we met some jokes people... And some wankers, but these things are to be expected. I managed to 'find' a hoody, which I had to donate to Edel afterwards because she was so fucked. We ended up getting a cab back, which was alright because the cab driver was pretty safe. I ended up going back to Edel's and had the best sleep ever!

After a recent trip to Tring train station I noticed a new multi-storey car park had been built there. This might not sound like much to most people, but if you skate then it could be a godsend! After investigating I found out that Tring now has a legitimate place to skate in Winter. The car park has a super smooth floor, is dry, and even has a skateable rail! Sweet!

We went to see a new film called 'The Road' the other week. It's the best film I've seen in ages, and I am now reading the book. It's by Cormac McCarthy, the same guy who wrote 'No Country For Old Men'. Anyway, I recommend the film to anyone. Albeit very depressing, it's one of the best shot and moving films I've seen in a while. It's Vigo Mortensen's best performance in my opinion and beats Avatar any day!

The Friday before last was Liam's party. A few guys and girls headed to Jessy's house in Wendover to have some pre-drinks before the actual party. Even though Jessy's dad interrogated almost everyone there befre he went out, we all had a really funny time. We got a couple of Taxi's over to Prince's Risborough and enetered the party. The bouncers were complete dicks and poured my alcohol away before I even got inside! Not only that, they threw Matt and T-bone out after about half an hour! Other than that we all had a good time at the party and I saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in a while which was nice. We got a cab home which was so much fun; we wrestled in the back and Jess was lying on the floor the whole time, but the taxi driver didn't seem to mind? We got back to Aylesbury and a few of us headed over to Edel's house to carry on the fun. I got super tired at about four and ended up sleeping on Edel's camp bed... Again.

Earlier this week I went on a little trip to Wales. I had an interview at Trinity university which went really well. It's in Carmarthen, which is SUPER Welsh. There were people actually talking in Welsh there which was a bit weird, but the uni itself was really nice. I stayed at my nan's in Swansea which was chilling, and then we drove back home the next morning.

The next day I found this amazing documentary on Swansea!

Last night we went to Lauren's party at the aristocrat in Aylesbury. Pretty much everyone is either in Cardiff or Edinburgh at the moment so it was just Carl, Jason, Enda and myself who ended up attending. It was actually quite a funny night, we just watched Lauren's 'interesting' family get really drunk and dance! Elz turned up too which was nice, and we ended up spending most of the night chilling outside in the smoking area.

Anyway, that leads me up to today! That's pretty much all I can remember of the last few months... If I have forgotten anything then just let me know! I will leave you with a few tunes and funny videos which have been keeping me entertained of late X