Friday, 20 February 2009

Start of the half-term

Oh hi! The last couple of days have been pretty eventful, probably because everyone is on half term. As I said, on Monday Me, Enda, and Freshie went for a skate in Aston Clinton. Freshie's just posted a couple of videos of us messing around on his Facebook which you can check out by clicking the picture below. Just click 'next' to see the others.

Wednesday was pretty chilling. Me and Jason got invited to a house party which we went to at about midnight on account of Jason finishing work pretty late. We drove to the party and then proceeded to get as drunk as possible in my car before heading in. We hardly knew anyone but it was a pretty good party. It was a pimps and hoes theme and pretty much everyone was really good. Memorable moments were finding tons of cigarettes and getting with some girl on a car bonnet haha.

I staggered home for about an hours sleep and then managed to wake myself up at 7am for our trip to Thorpe Park! After picking up Jason, Patrick, and Big K, we missioned it up the M25 to Staines. We met up with a couple more guys and all the girls there and went into the park. Our tickets and lunches were all paid for by Emma's parents (big thank you to them!) so it wasn't a very expensive day at all! We went on all the good rides, with the exception of 'Stealth' which was inexplicably closed. I managed to stay awake by drinking as much caffeine as possible and we headed home at about 5 after a really good day at the theme park. On the way home we grabbed a Starbucks and then managed to get lost in the rush hour in Staines... Not fun!

After a quick stop at K's house for some food and computer game fun, we headed over to Duncan's free house to chill. We went out that night around the town just to chill. I managed to slip on the mini ramp in Wendover and now have a huge bruise on my head and a split lip... Hooray! I look a state. We all went home after that and I caught up on a LOT of sleep! And that leads me to now, Friday. I'll probably just have a bath and then head out, I'll let you know what happens! X

Monday, 16 February 2009

If you go down to the woods today...

Yo! I haven't posted anything for a little while so I thought I'd put something up! Today's been pretty chilling. Me, Freshie, and Enda went for a skate in Aston Clinton. We filmed some pretty jokes videos which I'll put up once Freshie's sent me them! The skatepark got full of little kids on bikes so we headed back to Aylesbury, wahay!

Last night was pretty fun. We went up to Wendover woods in the middle of the night for a little adventure. After Jason got us completely lost down some random path, we ended up climbing some random tree. We only had our phone lights and my lightsaber to guide us so it was quite interesting negotiating the woods!

So, as you can probably tell, this weekend wasn't very exciting. But it's half term and there's a couple of parties coming up this week, oh and a free trip to Thorpe Park for Emma's birthday! Right, I'm off to watch My Name Is Earl... You know how we do. X

Monday, 9 February 2009

Snow and bassline

Yo! This weekend has been yet another heavy one. Friday started off to a shakey start. A few off us were intending to head to London for a gig but we thought we might not make it because of the heavy snow. Luckily the trains were running and the day got under way. Me and Aaron got the train to London before everyone else so we started drinking in Marlyebone station nice and early. Freshie, Emma, Enda, Caleb, Danielle, Carl and Jason turned up soon enough and after a few hours of hanging around central London we got the tube and headed south to Elephant and Castle. This area is pretty rough and after a long search we found the place. It's called Corsica studios, and from the outside you wouldn't think much of it. It looked ghetto as. Once we got inside we found ourselves in what looked like a weird converted old factory. There were neon and UV lights everywhere and lots of strange things on the walls... It sick! We were there to see the likes of A1 Bassline, Foamo, Fake Blood... Some seriously heavy dance/electro/bassline artists. The gig was insane and we all got on stage. After a good seven hours of dancing the bassline gave way to dubstep and we all decided to get the first train home. After a long tube ride we got the 7.30am train back to Aylesbury from Marlyebone. The night was fucking long but worth it!

I slept all day Saturday then about ten of us headed over to Aaron's free yard. Aaron has an amazing house; it's huge and the interior design is sick. We had a blaze over there and had a chilled out night watching movies over a few beers. Good times.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. We went to the cinema (you guessed it) to see 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button'. The film is really good, probably the best of the year, I recommend it to anyone with a spare three hours! It's based around a guy called Benjamin who ages backwards. The acting is excellent, as is the directing. The only drawback I found was that once you get over the fact that the guy is ageing backwards, the film IS just about a guy having a pretty normal life. For example, when Benjamin and his lover are both the same age (they meet in the middle) it's just a film about an average relationship... That said it's the best film out at the moment and well worth the money. Just make sure you take some food!

Right, now I have to make the decision as to whether to waste money going out on a Monday night... I'll probably stay in. Peace X

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

More snow!

It's snowed again, hooray! This change of weather has given me some new found optimism. On Monday night we went over to Edel's for some fun and games. We turned the lights off and had a light sabre battle using those glowing light saber sticks you get. It was amazing! Definitely needs to be institutionalised! Yesterday we got up around midday and I drove Edel, Vicky, K and myself up Coombe Hill in Wendover. It was a horrible drive but we got there eventually... Just as it started to blizzard. We had a great time sledging and it wasn't even very busy up there. K's sledge was really fast so I used it as much as I could get my hands on it! Big K brought out his new camera and filmed a little movie from our day out:

After the sledging we went to the cinema. This time we saw 'Hunger'. I can honestly say it's the most boring film I've ever seen! It's about an IRA hunger strike in a prison... I can see why a lot of the scenes were long; the director was trying to give the impression of how boring prison life is. But there were some ridiculous scenes. In one ten minute long scene you watch a man sweep a corridor. The camera doesn't move once, it's just a man sweeping a corridor for ten minutes. Fun.

Anyway I've been working on my CV today. I need a new job so I'm going to hand out some CVs tomorrow, and also try and sell my old computer. Wish me luck! It's not long until Friday now! Me and some mates are going to see Foamo, A1 Bassline and Fake Blood in London... Can't wait!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Weekend goings on

It's been a very long weekend for me! On Friday me and a few others headed over to Edel's house for a few drinks. We all got a bit drunk and then Caleb (who was sober) drove us over to a party in Marsworth. We met a load of our mates there and we all had a pretty good time. The party was in a hall and we all managed to sneak in. Later on, the inevitable fight took place and everybody ended up getting kicked out of the hall. About ten minutes later a ton of police cars turned up (as you can see in the pics!). After messing around outside the hall for a bit we got a lift back into Aylesbury. A load of us went back to Edel's to carry on drinking and blazing which was pretty good. I ended up falling asleep in a blanket on Edel's bathroom floor.

After waking up in the bathroom on Saturday morning I drove home and had a shower and some lunch. Me, Freshie, Christy, Chaz and Gus then went for a skate at Wendover skatepark. It was an alright little session and we all got some super cheap drinks from this amazing newsagent.

After the skate I went home for yet another shower and then went over to Carl's house. We had a few drinks and then Me, Patrick, Elliot and Duncan got the bus to Oxford for a night out. It was a pretty good night, we all got a bit drunk... Except for Patrick who got ten times more drunk than everyone else as usual! He got his penis out in a club and then started a fight so we got kicked out... Good times! I'll put the photos from Oxford up soon as I get them off Patrick. We had a good night wandering around and then ended up getting a cab back to Aylesbury at about 3am.

We found out our good mate Dan Linke had a free yard so me, Dunk and Patrick headed over there. Dan had a really nice house and there were tons of people over there so we all stayed up blazing and drinking for a few hours. Eventually we all ended up going to sleep, with about 5 people in each bed. I ended up crammed between Chelsea, Vicky and Lottie. After a good 2 hour sleep I drove home and caught up on some rest.

Last night I headed back out to Aylesbury. We were going to see Underworld 2 but according to Elliot it's shit, so we just headed over to The Saracen's to play a bit of pool. It started tipping it down with snow and the roads got pretty dangerous so I ended up sleeping over at Jason's crib.

And that leads me to now! I haven't slept in my own bed for three days so I'm looking forward to a good sleep tonight... And hopefully some sledging tomorrow if the snow keeps up. Oh yeah, and I just saw a fox in my garden... Crazy!