Wednesday, 4 February 2009

More snow!

It's snowed again, hooray! This change of weather has given me some new found optimism. On Monday night we went over to Edel's for some fun and games. We turned the lights off and had a light sabre battle using those glowing light saber sticks you get. It was amazing! Definitely needs to be institutionalised! Yesterday we got up around midday and I drove Edel, Vicky, K and myself up Coombe Hill in Wendover. It was a horrible drive but we got there eventually... Just as it started to blizzard. We had a great time sledging and it wasn't even very busy up there. K's sledge was really fast so I used it as much as I could get my hands on it! Big K brought out his new camera and filmed a little movie from our day out:

After the sledging we went to the cinema. This time we saw 'Hunger'. I can honestly say it's the most boring film I've ever seen! It's about an IRA hunger strike in a prison... I can see why a lot of the scenes were long; the director was trying to give the impression of how boring prison life is. But there were some ridiculous scenes. In one ten minute long scene you watch a man sweep a corridor. The camera doesn't move once, it's just a man sweeping a corridor for ten minutes. Fun.

Anyway I've been working on my CV today. I need a new job so I'm going to hand out some CVs tomorrow, and also try and sell my old computer. Wish me luck! It's not long until Friday now! Me and some mates are going to see Foamo, A1 Bassline and Fake Blood in London... Can't wait!

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