Saturday, 7 November 2009

For Patrick

Oh, hi! After months of neglect I have decided to put a post on my blog. To anybody following this, please direct your thanks towards Patrick Silla, as it was he who prompted me to update this thing. Now, where do I begin? I suppose I had better fill you in on what's happened over the last two or three months... A lot has changed but, in a way, a lot hasn't.

I'll start with the changes! It's nearly winter again, and nearly a year since I started this whole blog thing. So I suppose now is an appropriate time to reflect on what's been going on in my world of late. The most obvious change would have to be the fact that a few more of my good friends have left for university. Aside from Annabelle (who is now starting her second year), Dixon, Christy, Duncan, Emma, Joel, Enda and Patrick have also left the endz to further their academic careers. I'll fill you in a little more on where and when they went, but for now I'll just say I miss them a hell of a lot.
It's not all bad though; the majority of 'the group' are still here. And, to be honest, we've been chilling with a few more people from the endz, such as Ruben, T Bone, Matt, Jessy, Luke and Richard. I'll try and stick a photo of these guys in here somewhere!
Other than that, not much has changed... We're still going to parties, gigs, off on random adventures, and of course, doing a whole lot of chilling! I'm looking for a new job at the moment, which is prooving a little annoying but I'm getting there. And I'm also hoping to go to University next year, so we'll see what happens there! Anyway, I suppose I had better fill you in on what I remember of the past few months. My memory is far from perfect so if I've forgotten bits and pieces just let me know!

After I got back from Barcelona, Duncan had a free house for a little while. It was nice to get back home and have a free house to chill at where I could catch up with the whole group! Also the guys had recently returned from Thailand so we had a nice venue to celebrate! There were a couple of really fun nights at Dunk's, with pretty much everyone managing to get really wasted one way or another! I remember Caleb getting a hardback book dropped onto his head from a vast height whilst he slept was pretty entertaining, and also Fern's impressive driving skills being nothing short of amazing. Ehem! So a big thanks to Dunk for all the fun that he, and his house, provided..!

After returning from Duncan's gathering, the first thing that comes to mind is Big K's free house. Big K's free houses are no ordinary 'free yard' affair... With people over almost 24/7, beds everywhere, a giant cactus, the Doom soundtrack, huge rice crispy cakes, and a series of challenges to complete in the week, it turned out to be a really sick week! K's free house soon became known as 'The Bakery' (work it out!). Here's a video of the centurion challenge...

Sadly, I missed out on that challenege because I went on a family trip to Suffolk for a couple of days. It was pretty nice to get away for a bit, and I got a train back in time to experience the rest of the Bakery fun! I'll try and stick a photo of me having fun in Suffolk up on here...!

Well, after K's free yard, the next big event was Reading '09! This was at the end of August and proved to be one of the best weekends of my life. A few of us drove up on the Thursday and met everyone else who had already set up camp the day before. We had a pretty chilling spot in the Purple zone, which was a nice distance from the main stage. There must have been about fifteen of us camping in our area, making it almost like a small village of tents, with a fire made from bottles/plastic/chairs/other people's possessions in the middle. I brought a brand new two-man tent all to myself, with an airbed for extra comfort, so I was living comfortably for the next few days! Over the bank holiday weekend we saw some amazing music from the likes of The Kings Of Leon, The Arctic Monkeys, The Prodigy, Bloc Party, Vampire Weekend, Little Boots, La Roux, and many, many more. My favourite performance had to be Radiohead's on Sunday evening, the last night. They provided an eclectic finale to the whole Reading experience, and left everyone speechless. Amazing! Of course, music was only half of the fun. We kept ourselves entertained with boat rides, adventures around the town, partying in our camp, partying in other camps, getting very very crunk, and other illicit antics. It was such a mental weekend and I think it's safe to say that everyone who went will never forget it.

All good good things come to an end though, and with Reading out of the way we entered September, the month where people left for uni. We said goodbye to Enda, Christy, Joel, Patrick, Emma, Dixon and Dunk in the tried and tested format of a series of goodbye meals. I couldn't find photos from any of these, but here's a video of DIXON VERY DRUNK on his and Dunk's meal! Enjoy. The guys are hugely missed, but they'll be back at Christmas which isn't too far away now. There's light at the end of the tunnel!
However, what September lacked in quantities of friends, it more than made up for in music. I went to two really good gigs in September; these being Hockey and Massive Attack. They were both very different but equally sick. Massive attack played at the Brixton Academy in London, and were nothing short of epic. They put on an amazing laser show, and played really really well. Hockey played at the Academy in Oxford, and I didn't go there with high expectations. After about five minutes my opinion had completely changed! They were so good live, and I found myself not wanting the gig to end. Yay!

The nights started drawing in and we were soon met by the cold onset of October. Last month was actually really good though! There has definitely been a renaissance when it comes to skateboarding at the moment, with Caleb, Freshie and I skating a lot more than usual. This was illustrated by our trip down to Bristol for the premiere of the Motive video 'Dimensions' at the start of last month. I hadn't seen a lot of the Exeter/Bristol crew since Barcelona, so this was a great chance to see the guys, and to have a good night out. It turned out to be quite a fun adventure, even though we did manage to get lost in Swindon. The video was amazing, and I saw a lot of old friends there which was really really good! It was sick to see a few of my mates getting coverage in this vid, big respect to Sean, Jack, and Barney... Their parts were all sick! Here's a photo of a few of us at the prem.

Half-term was a couple of weeks later, and turned out to be very very expensive. Jason, Lois, Arthur, Aaron, myself, and a few others got invited to a party in Nottingham on the Monday. A couple of us drove up there, and after losing our way a couple of times we finally found the place. The party turned out to be in a huge mansion, with the courtyard and barn area converted into a party as well. We got drunk as quickly as possible and ended up having a really good night. The people there were so safe, and one of the girls even cooked me some scrambled eggs! Amazing. After a hard night partying, we all found places to sleep. The best thing about parties in huge houses is there's always places to sleep! It turned out the girl who's party it was had a whole cottage to herself at the end of the garden, so I had an 'eventful' nights sleep in there...!

I woke up after having a couple of hours sleep, and feeling very shit. The drive was absolutely awful, but as soon as we got back to Aylesbury Jason and I got invited to another party that night at Arthur's house. We got there half asleep, and after being pestered by girls for an hour or so we decided to leave. I slept like a log after that!

We chilled for a couple of days until Friday. Emily Craft and Emily Simpson had a party that night at the Golf Club in Princes Risborough, so we rolled up to that with a good crew. The party was alright, but it ended in a standard "Bruv, allow it" type fight, where nobody actually fought each other. I managed to steal a sick magnifying glass though!
The following night was Halloween. I felt pretty shit after the night before so I didn't really end up doing much. A few people went to Gus's after we chilled at Edel's for a bit. But I just had to get some sleep!

All that was last week, and now it's November. Over the last few days we've been having bonfire/firework style fun, even though it's been stupidly cold! Last night Edel, Jessie, Jason and myself went and watched some fireworks in Bedgrove. They were really good and it was such a nice night out. After that we just went back to Edel's and chilled with some drinking games. And that brings me up to the present... Phew! I feel as though I've just written an essay! I hope you're satisfied now Patrick! I'll try and update this a bit more often, but I always say that so we'll just have to see what happens...! BLESS X

Also, how weird is this?

99p from Tesco... Sick!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Behnaz Diaz!

Yo! I´m just chilling at an Internet cafe in Barcelona at the moment! It´s pretty amazing here! The weather has been so hot for the last couple of days, but I am happily putting up with it. We have skated a few spots so far, and spent a fair amount of time chilling on the beach. On the first night we got really fucked, carved a face into a water melon, and threw it out of our 6 storey apartment... Sick! Anyway I haven´t got long left on this computer, but I thought I´d stick a quick update regarding my travels on here. I´ll try and upload some photos next time I´m on here. Hope everyone at home is doing well! X

Hello! I never got round to putting up the pics from Barcelona! So here are some of my favourites, along with Shicken's edit of the trip. Watch us shave his head at the end! And check the photos of the water melon we carved... Then the ten metre blast radius it made when we threw off our apartment roof! X

The edit!

More Skateboarding >>

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Fuck, it's actually been ages since I updated this thing... I don't know why I never do it anymore? Anyway, as you can probably guess from this post's title, it's finally summer! And it's been a pretty busy one so far, with lots of the usual parties, adventures, chilling, good times, etc.

I can't really remember much of what happened in June... Except a couple of parties and a Barbecue round Emma's. So I might as well inform you of July's goings-on: The first weekend of the month was spent in Bournemouth! It's become an annual tradition to head down to the coast and get fucked for the weekend, so in fine form Edel, Aaron, Danielle, Elliot, Caleb, Big K and Myself drove down south in a convoy. We booked into a cheap hotel and spent the first night getting very inebriated on the beach until the early hours. Danielle, Edel, Big K and I were sharing a room so we dragged all the beds together and fell asleep watching 'Flight of the Conchords' on Edel's portable DVD player. On Saturday morning we woke up to rain which was pretty depressing, but by lunch time it had dried up and the sun was out. We got a nice breakfast at the cafe round the corner then headed down to the beach. We swam pretty much all day and had some pretty sweet fights in the sea! That night some of us went to town, but Caleb, K and I decided to just go for a walk because we couldn't be bothered with it. We met up with the others later, by which time we were all pretty crunk. The town wasn't very good so we headed back and slept. On Sunday we all went back down to the beach pretty early but pretty much everyone was up for going back because they wanted to go to the cinema. Me and Edel stayed for a few more hours n the beach and bought some food, which was nice! The ride back was pretty long, but we managed to get to the cinema in time to see...

Public Enemies! Which wasn't half as good as it could have been. A film staring Christian Bale and Johnny Depp has the potential to be amazing, but it was let down by Micheal Mann's poor directing, cinematography and lack of character development! It should have been more like 'American Gangster'. Oh well.

Not too much has happened in the last week apart from a fair bit of skating and going to Milton Keynes to see mates there. I'm off to BARCELONA on Saturday (which I'm very excited about), so I bought a new deck and some wheels + bearings for my board whilst in MK. I'll try and post something before I fly out this weekend, and hopefully I'll be able to keep you all informed of my antics out there if I find an Internet cafe... Anyway, I better get back to packing! Peace X

Sunday, 31 May 2009


Hello people! I haven't written in here for ages... Again! Sorry about that. The last few weeks have had their ups and downs! The main downer being that Dixon, Joel, Carl, Duncan and Enda have all jetted off to travel around Thailand... For the next three months! This has had a pretty detrimental effect on the friend group, especially considering how much time we spend jamming in Carl's room! We've all kept ourselves busy though.

A couple of weeks ago we all headed down to London for Edel's 18th birthday party. It was such a sick night! Edel and I got given £200 by her mum to go and buy alcohol, so we went to tesco and filled up a whole trolley full. Amazing! We had a little party in the garden at Edel's before all getting the coach to the captital. Patrick swore at a guy from the bus, and then the guy proceeded to throw a huge rock at the bus! Once in London we went to the first club. We went to three clubs altogether, and to be honest they were all pretty average... The best bit, however, was getting driven around on the double decker party bus! It had a huge soundsystem on it, sick lights, and we were free to dance/drink all we wanted... It was so good! We all got back into Aylesbury really really late, and pretty much everyone crashed out at Edel's.

Before the guys left for Thailand we had a pretty big meal at Frankie and Benny's to say goodbye properly. There was about twenty of us there, Carl's mum included! The meal was pretty funny and everyone had a good time, with the hardcore people staying out in the car park for a good few hours after the meal finished.

I don't remember much of the weekend but Friday was pretty chilling. Wooly, Gus, Freshie and I drove up to Oxford for a bit of shopping. Freshie picked up some of the new SB Stefan Janoski shoes, and I got some new Adidas Gazelles in purple. After that I went for a drink with Sophie in Berkhamstead, followed by a Call of Duty session round Big K's.

Last weekend was Dan Linke's house party. Christy, Gus, Freshie and I had been for a cheeky skate in Milton Keynes earlier on so we were all pretty knackered but it was still sick! I only heard about it the day before so it was a nice surprise to find it was actually a pretty good party. There were a lot more people than I expected, with pretty much the whole house full of people. The music wasn't too bad either and there was no 'standard beef' which lets a lot of parties down! Thanks Dan! (I have yet to find any photos from this party!!!)

And that pretty much leads me up to this weekend. I'm sure I've forgotten half of the shit that happened in the last few weeks, but if anyone reminds me I'll write about it on here! On Friday Elliot, Danielle, Caleb and I went down to London for another 'Chew The Fat!'. The weather was really nice so we were all pretty optimistic about the day... That is until we found out how much a return ticket to London from Aylesbury would be! In the end we got an Oyster card from Amersham which only set us back £9 each. Not bad! The gig itself was amazing: The venue (The Arches) was really nice, the soundsystem was sick, the crowd was chilling, as was the security. We stayed up all night, from 10pm til 6am, dancing to the likes of DJ Zinc, Foamo, Raffertie and Caspa & Rusko. We all caught the first train back to Amersham and had a kip on the way. I spent pretty much the whole of yesterday and today recovering and sleeping round Edel's. Oh yeah, Annabelle's back at the moment which is really nice.

Apart from that, and a fair bit of skating going down, not too much else has been going on. Caleb, Elliot, Big K and I went over to Stowe today because it's a really nice spot to enjoy the sunny weather. We found an amazing lake too which was super nice. Sorry for a lack of exciting photos at the moment, I need to install the programme for my camera! Hopefully it wont be too long until my next post! Safe X

Thursday, 7 May 2009


Ah! I am so lazy when it comes to updating this thing nowadays! Apologies to everyone/anyone who actually reads this. As you can imagine the last fortnight has been pretty much the same as they always are. Going skating, going to parties, and chilling. Hard times. But seriously, the last couple of weeks have been pretty good. I managed to get some temp work at RAF Halton which was pretty easy. I just had to help some old guy put up beds and got paid 50 quid for it. However, I did manage to cut my lip because I got hit in the face with a spanner. Niiiiiiice! Since there are hardly any photos from the last two weeks, here's a nice photo of RAF Halton!

Last Saturday was Fleur's party. Unfortunately hardly anyone got invited so, dispiritedly, we all prepared for a night in at Carl's yard. The night took a turn for the better, however, as we soon got a phone call saying none other than DIXON (my very good friend who had been away for the last six months working at a ski resort in France) had just got home! So we all ran over to his house and hugged him for a long time. The night got even better when we heard about a party in Haddenham, so us guys all jumped in a cab over there. The party was pretty sick and (I don't know how we always manage it) we got in easily. A certain someone wrote 'LADS ON TOUR '09' on the wall (see photo) which was pretty jokes! The party lasted a good amount of time and standard ended in a window getting smashed and a fight erupting. Hooray!

The next day we all went over to Dan Linke's house because he was having a 'gathering'. It was pretty chilling, with the majority of people out in the garden drinking and smoking. Dan's dad got woken up though so we all had to leave!
I can't really remember much of last week, except for going to Oxford with Danielle and Jade. I bought a lovely new 'Third Foot' board which is currently lurking in my boot. Oh yeah, and my car nearly got locked in some weird car park!

The last weekend was ok. I missed out on a fair bit because I went to Wales and had a bit of a cold. But by Sunday I was feeling a bit better and we (yet again) heard of a party near Cuddlington, so a couple of taxis headed there. The party was actually really good: Turns out some guy owned a field and there was probably nearly a hundred people there all round a campfire, with a decent sound system which we soon commandeered! There were a whole load of tents strewn around the field as well which made it good for terrorising people! One guy who can only be named as 'pasty' suffered a horrendous amount of terrorising, and probably went home crying! Poor guy. After Carl set loose a load of sheep into the field we decided to head back. We missed our cab so we ended up getting back pretty late, but it was better than usual for a Sunday night.

We had a really nice barbeque round Emma's house on Monday... Thanks Emma/Emma's parents! Even though it was raining so we had to eat indoors, the food was really nice.... And even better because it was free!
And that leads me to now (Thursday). I haven't really done much this week as I don't get paid until tomorrow. Plus it's been pretty cold! We're all going up to London (for free!) on Saturday for Edel's 18th which should be pretty sick! Looking forward to that. Anyway, I'm in desperate need of some lunch, SAFE! X