Monday, 23 March 2009


Easy now rude boys/gyals! Seeing as it's Monday I thought I'd put up a post about the weekend. Friday was a really jamming day. A few of us went to Aston Clinton for a cheeky skate in the sunny weather. Friday evening was siiick: A load of us went over to Big K's house. He had a free yard so we all chilled in the front room with pizzas, movies, etc. A few people slept over, but I decided to drive home and gave Edel a lift on the way.

Saturday was even better. The warm, sunny weather continued so we went to Aston Clinton... Again. There was a pretty big crew of us this time; with people skating, playing football, or just jamming on the grass. I headed home at about 7pm and grabbed a quick shower before heading out. K still had his free yard so about eight of us went over there and started drinking. At about half nine we all got a couple of taxis over to Bexi's masquerade party at Bob's Barn. It turned out to be a pretty sick party and some funny shit went down.

The party ended at about one and a whole load of people got taxis over to Big K's house. Seeing as his parents weren't home until Sunday, we all carried on partying well into the night and I even managed to get a few hours sleep in his sister's room. I woke up to the standard sight of a messy house with sleeping teenagers scattered all over the floor and empty bottles here, there and everywhere.
Aaron, K, Edel, and Myself treated ourselves to a proper fry up after a quick trip to Tescos. It was the best breakfast I've had in ages! We tidied the house and put on a couple of films, then I headed home about midday and caught up on some sleep.

Sunday evening I went out for a Mother's day meal at the Crow's Nest with the family. Two amazing free meals in a day made me very happy indeed!
And that leads me to today... Monday. The weekend's over already and there's a whole four days until it starts again. Friday should be good though as it's Jason's party. Good times! Anyway, I'm gonna watch some TV and hope that the weather's decent enough for a little skate tomorrow. Good night X

Thursday, 19 March 2009

How high?

Yo! Here's a cheeky little post about what has happened during the week. On Monday Freshie and I went to Oxford for a little skate. It was pretty fun, we pissed off loads of people driving round in my car... But karma got the better of us and I managed to get lost about three times! Not good. I skated in Milton Keynes with some mates on Wednesday which was pretty chilling. In the last week I have come to the conclusion that 'How high' is probably the best film ever! It makes me laugh so much and if you haven't seen it then watch it NOW!

So far March is shaping up to be a pretty sick month! There's been some sick parties and the weather's been amazing. Anyway, I'm off out. I leave you with a picture I took of this pair of ducks that were in my garden yesterday, crazy shit. Laters! X

Sunday, 15 March 2009

What the weekend?

Hello to all you lovely people out there! I thought I'd put up a post regarding the weekend's antics whilst I can still remember them. Friday was pretty standard, I can't really remember what I did in the day... So it probably wasn't anything exciting! We heard about a party in Bierton (I don't know how we find these things!), so we inevitably headed over there. There was a pretty large group of us and we didn't even know the guy who's party it was... But after our performance at getting into random parties last weekend we thought it was worth a shot! Along the way we were accosted by a horse! It was quite a scary experience; it just ran at us out of the darkness! After a few beers it calmed down though...

Unfortunately, our luck ran out and we didn't manage to get into the party. It looked pretty crappy though to be fair. The clientele consisted mainly of aggy girls and guys who spend a bit too much time at the gym (wastemen).
A fair few of us headed back to Edel's house to carry on drinking and whatever. I was pretty tired so I barricaded myself into a bedroom and had a really nice sleep!

Saturday turned out to be a lot better. Once again there was word of a party in Bierton... However this time we knew a few people going so the mood was a little more optimistic. James Rawlings had a free yard all night so we jammed over his and began the drinking whilst we assembled the troops. We got a taxi to the party a little later. About half of us managed to sneak round the side, but sadly the other half couldn't get in. We met up with Gus, Alza, Dan, Woolly, Ed, etc. inside which was jamming. It turned out I knew a fair few of the girls there too so it wasn't too hard to act like I'd been invited! I managed to steal a few beers which benefited my financial situation... Especially as I hadn't paid to get in! Carl and Dunc managed to 'Bear Grylls' their way in later on too... Good times!

Afterwards, a load of people from the party went back to James's yard and we carried on partying until the early hours of the morning. I had a really good time playing music on the speakers! Once the alcohol began to run out, people started heading home. I ended up getting to bed about 5am, but it was worth it because it was a really good night.

Today hasn't been particularly exciting: I handed in an application form at Budgens in Wendover and then just jammed in Aylesbury with some mates. The weather was really good so it was nice to chill after a hectic weekend. Anyway, I'm off to watch 'The Departed' (Such a sick film!). I shall leave you with a photo of me pumping some serious iron at James's last night! Good night ladies and germs X

Friday, 13 March 2009

All around Europe and Farnham...

Hello hello. I can't believe it's Friday already! I am in a pretty good mood right now because of the aforementioned fact, but also because I FINALLY got my hair cut today. I managed to beg/borrow/steal enough money for it... Wahay! This wont be a long post as not much has really happened this week, I haven't even skated :( However, on Tuesday Jason, K, and I went to Farnham to check out the university. We had a pretty jokes day and I even found a skatepark! Sadly it started to rain so I couldn't utilise it. Anyway, the uni was really geeky and boring but K liked it for some reason.
Malcolm has just put up a little edit of our trip around Europe back in 07. Have a little peek below if you fancy...

That's pretty much all I can think of right now. Sorry about the inarticulate blog! Right, I'm off out for some drinks and who knows what else... I'm sure you will find out what happens in my next post. Safe...

Sunday, 8 March 2009

I love the weekend!

Yo! Just thought I'd stick up a quick post about this weekend's antics... On Friday there was word of a massive house party in Akeley. We didn't know the girl who's house it was so with low expectations about ten of us got a cab there. After the best part of an hour we found the place. It turned out to be some massive manor in the middle of nowhere! It looked really sick, but because it was such a massive house the girl had hired out a whole security team with DOGS (see photos)! Obviously we weren't on the list so it didn't look very promising that we would get anywhere near the house let alone inside! We had a chat to one of the bouncers and I noticed he'd put his list down on the floor. I dropped a lighter onto the list so I had an excuse to bend down and get a look at the names. I memorised a couple of names and me and Edel snuck round the side using our fake names. We somehow found Carl, Duncan and Freshie in a bush. The five of us climbed through gardens and over roofs and eventually we managed to sneak in! Once we got inside we were welcomed by one of the best house parties I've been to. The house was huge and it was just getting trashed. There was graffiti all over the walls, neon lights, and furniture destroyed everywhere! We grabbed a load of free drinks and went upstairs, where me and Aaron proceeded to trash a bunk bed! The DJ deserves a mention: His name was Christian Williams and he was sick! I managed to get him to play Fake Blood's 'Mars', alongside A1 Bassline and various others. Most of these photos were provided by him!

Half of us didn't manage to get in unfortunately, but Jason turned up towards the end which was really good. Alongside Aaron, we met up with a few other mates such as the one and only Dan Linke! We partied for a few hours and when the music stopped we all knew it was time to leave. The whole party crowd ended up in the garden where there was a trampoline which everybody had a laugh on. Then the inevitable fight started which was really funny, especially seeing Duncan 'the pacifist' Griffiths smacking some guy, and Carl hitting some guy in the head with a mega man toy he stole from the house! I left with a bag full of stolen goodies too. Once we reached the gates we found all the others who hadn't got in. For some reason they'd all waited outside for us! We waited the best part of an hour for a taxi in the cold... It wasn't too bad though because everyone was pretty crunked. Overall it was an amazing night and definitely one of the best in months!

Friday night I hardly got any sleep which was pretty annoying. I managed to get a few hours in and then got woken up by Caleb asking me if I fancied going skating. After a glance outside at the cloudless blue sky I agreed! We went to Aston Clinton as usual and this time quite a few of the non-skaters came and played football, etc. Chilling. I went home for a shower and some dinner then came back out. We found out about a party in Elm Farm so we thought we'd try our luck with it as it was only a twenty minute walk. Once we got there it didn't look promising at all but the guy who's house it was turned out to be pretty sound and let us all in (probably because we had girls with us!). It wasn't bad inside. The house was really nice but nobody seemed too lively. We commandeered the sound system and managed to get everyone dancing. There were loads of free beers around so we helped ourselves! It was about this time when my lack of sleep over the weekend caught up with me and I found myself falling asleep on one of the arm chairs in the house. It was pretty annoying because it was a really good party but I just couldn't make the most of it. My energy was drained. As hard as it was to drag myself away, I ended up walking back to Edel's yard. It was still a pretty good night though! I don't think there were any photos taken...

I got a good fourteen hours sleep last night so I'm feeling pretty fresh today! The sun's shining too which really helps haha. It's kind of annoying it's a Sunday already but this weekend has been the best all year so I can't really complain! Anyway, this post turned out to be a lot longer than I imagined! If you read it all hat's off to you, you're a soldier! Right, I'm off out to meet the homies... PEACE X

Thursday, 5 March 2009


Shit! I haven't put a post up in frickin' ages! Sorry to anybody who actually reads this thing. In all honesty, the last couple of weeks have been pretty much the same old, same old. Last weekend was Amy's party at the Saracens. To anybody who's been to a Saracen's party I probably don't need to explain how it was, they're all the same. It was a little better than average though because I hardly knew anyone so it was nice and easy to take the piss out of people. I ended up getting a taxi home which was LONG.

I've skated a fair bit this week on account of the saweet weather we've been having... It's actually starting to feel like Spring! Click on the picture below for Freshie's facebook videos, there's a few entertaining clips from the last few days...

What else has happened? Well it was Carl's birthday on Saturday and we all headed up to the woods for a campfire. It was really chilling and it was a good way to send off Joel who has gone travelling yet again! We all had a pretty jamming night.

On Tuesday, me and the notorious Big K went on a road trip to Manchester for K's uni interview. In retrospect, I might have been a bit stupid for volunteering to drive up north. It took about 4 hours to get there and then another 4 hours back... All in torrential rain! It was pretty jokes laughing at all the Northern Monkeys though! We checked out 'Note' skate store which was pretty sick, but I managed to restrain myself from buying anything. Luckily K's parents funded the whole trip and I managed to get free food for a day out of it!

Yesterday was Caleb's birthday and we all went out for a meal at Bucks Balti. It was pretty jokes and I managed to get a free meal yet again. I think the real celebrations for Mr. Walton's 19th will start this weekend though as everybody had work/school today... Except for me and Freshie who went for a skate! The weather was too sick not to!

Anyway that's pretty much all that I can remember from the last week. Apologies for the lack of updates, I've been mackin' too many hoes. Peace x