Sunday, 31 May 2009


Hello people! I haven't written in here for ages... Again! Sorry about that. The last few weeks have had their ups and downs! The main downer being that Dixon, Joel, Carl, Duncan and Enda have all jetted off to travel around Thailand... For the next three months! This has had a pretty detrimental effect on the friend group, especially considering how much time we spend jamming in Carl's room! We've all kept ourselves busy though.

A couple of weeks ago we all headed down to London for Edel's 18th birthday party. It was such a sick night! Edel and I got given £200 by her mum to go and buy alcohol, so we went to tesco and filled up a whole trolley full. Amazing! We had a little party in the garden at Edel's before all getting the coach to the captital. Patrick swore at a guy from the bus, and then the guy proceeded to throw a huge rock at the bus! Once in London we went to the first club. We went to three clubs altogether, and to be honest they were all pretty average... The best bit, however, was getting driven around on the double decker party bus! It had a huge soundsystem on it, sick lights, and we were free to dance/drink all we wanted... It was so good! We all got back into Aylesbury really really late, and pretty much everyone crashed out at Edel's.

Before the guys left for Thailand we had a pretty big meal at Frankie and Benny's to say goodbye properly. There was about twenty of us there, Carl's mum included! The meal was pretty funny and everyone had a good time, with the hardcore people staying out in the car park for a good few hours after the meal finished.

I don't remember much of the weekend but Friday was pretty chilling. Wooly, Gus, Freshie and I drove up to Oxford for a bit of shopping. Freshie picked up some of the new SB Stefan Janoski shoes, and I got some new Adidas Gazelles in purple. After that I went for a drink with Sophie in Berkhamstead, followed by a Call of Duty session round Big K's.

Last weekend was Dan Linke's house party. Christy, Gus, Freshie and I had been for a cheeky skate in Milton Keynes earlier on so we were all pretty knackered but it was still sick! I only heard about it the day before so it was a nice surprise to find it was actually a pretty good party. There were a lot more people than I expected, with pretty much the whole house full of people. The music wasn't too bad either and there was no 'standard beef' which lets a lot of parties down! Thanks Dan! (I have yet to find any photos from this party!!!)

And that pretty much leads me up to this weekend. I'm sure I've forgotten half of the shit that happened in the last few weeks, but if anyone reminds me I'll write about it on here! On Friday Elliot, Danielle, Caleb and I went down to London for another 'Chew The Fat!'. The weather was really nice so we were all pretty optimistic about the day... That is until we found out how much a return ticket to London from Aylesbury would be! In the end we got an Oyster card from Amersham which only set us back £9 each. Not bad! The gig itself was amazing: The venue (The Arches) was really nice, the soundsystem was sick, the crowd was chilling, as was the security. We stayed up all night, from 10pm til 6am, dancing to the likes of DJ Zinc, Foamo, Raffertie and Caspa & Rusko. We all caught the first train back to Amersham and had a kip on the way. I spent pretty much the whole of yesterday and today recovering and sleeping round Edel's. Oh yeah, Annabelle's back at the moment which is really nice.

Apart from that, and a fair bit of skating going down, not too much else has been going on. Caleb, Elliot, Big K and I went over to Stowe today because it's a really nice spot to enjoy the sunny weather. We found an amazing lake too which was super nice. Sorry for a lack of exciting photos at the moment, I need to install the programme for my camera! Hopefully it wont be too long until my next post! Safe X

Thursday, 7 May 2009


Ah! I am so lazy when it comes to updating this thing nowadays! Apologies to everyone/anyone who actually reads this. As you can imagine the last fortnight has been pretty much the same as they always are. Going skating, going to parties, and chilling. Hard times. But seriously, the last couple of weeks have been pretty good. I managed to get some temp work at RAF Halton which was pretty easy. I just had to help some old guy put up beds and got paid 50 quid for it. However, I did manage to cut my lip because I got hit in the face with a spanner. Niiiiiiice! Since there are hardly any photos from the last two weeks, here's a nice photo of RAF Halton!

Last Saturday was Fleur's party. Unfortunately hardly anyone got invited so, dispiritedly, we all prepared for a night in at Carl's yard. The night took a turn for the better, however, as we soon got a phone call saying none other than DIXON (my very good friend who had been away for the last six months working at a ski resort in France) had just got home! So we all ran over to his house and hugged him for a long time. The night got even better when we heard about a party in Haddenham, so us guys all jumped in a cab over there. The party was pretty sick and (I don't know how we always manage it) we got in easily. A certain someone wrote 'LADS ON TOUR '09' on the wall (see photo) which was pretty jokes! The party lasted a good amount of time and standard ended in a window getting smashed and a fight erupting. Hooray!

The next day we all went over to Dan Linke's house because he was having a 'gathering'. It was pretty chilling, with the majority of people out in the garden drinking and smoking. Dan's dad got woken up though so we all had to leave!
I can't really remember much of last week, except for going to Oxford with Danielle and Jade. I bought a lovely new 'Third Foot' board which is currently lurking in my boot. Oh yeah, and my car nearly got locked in some weird car park!

The last weekend was ok. I missed out on a fair bit because I went to Wales and had a bit of a cold. But by Sunday I was feeling a bit better and we (yet again) heard of a party near Cuddlington, so a couple of taxis headed there. The party was actually really good: Turns out some guy owned a field and there was probably nearly a hundred people there all round a campfire, with a decent sound system which we soon commandeered! There were a whole load of tents strewn around the field as well which made it good for terrorising people! One guy who can only be named as 'pasty' suffered a horrendous amount of terrorising, and probably went home crying! Poor guy. After Carl set loose a load of sheep into the field we decided to head back. We missed our cab so we ended up getting back pretty late, but it was better than usual for a Sunday night.

We had a really nice barbeque round Emma's house on Monday... Thanks Emma/Emma's parents! Even though it was raining so we had to eat indoors, the food was really nice.... And even better because it was free!
And that leads me to now (Thursday). I haven't really done much this week as I don't get paid until tomorrow. Plus it's been pretty cold! We're all going up to London (for free!) on Saturday for Edel's 18th which should be pretty sick! Looking forward to that. Anyway, I'm in desperate need of some lunch, SAFE! X