Friday, 13 March 2009

All around Europe and Farnham...

Hello hello. I can't believe it's Friday already! I am in a pretty good mood right now because of the aforementioned fact, but also because I FINALLY got my hair cut today. I managed to beg/borrow/steal enough money for it... Wahay! This wont be a long post as not much has really happened this week, I haven't even skated :( However, on Tuesday Jason, K, and I went to Farnham to check out the university. We had a pretty jokes day and I even found a skatepark! Sadly it started to rain so I couldn't utilise it. Anyway, the uni was really geeky and boring but K liked it for some reason.
Malcolm has just put up a little edit of our trip around Europe back in 07. Have a little peek below if you fancy...

That's pretty much all I can think of right now. Sorry about the inarticulate blog! Right, I'm off out for some drinks and who knows what else... I'm sure you will find out what happens in my next post. Safe...


  1. Ah man, what's the tune with the goodfellas sample?
    Pretty sure i need that in my life

  2. the track nearer the start is called 'for da real g's' by 'french fries... and the one after is by dr. ozio but i can't remember what track!