Thursday, 5 March 2009


Shit! I haven't put a post up in frickin' ages! Sorry to anybody who actually reads this thing. In all honesty, the last couple of weeks have been pretty much the same old, same old. Last weekend was Amy's party at the Saracens. To anybody who's been to a Saracen's party I probably don't need to explain how it was, they're all the same. It was a little better than average though because I hardly knew anyone so it was nice and easy to take the piss out of people. I ended up getting a taxi home which was LONG.

I've skated a fair bit this week on account of the saweet weather we've been having... It's actually starting to feel like Spring! Click on the picture below for Freshie's facebook videos, there's a few entertaining clips from the last few days...

What else has happened? Well it was Carl's birthday on Saturday and we all headed up to the woods for a campfire. It was really chilling and it was a good way to send off Joel who has gone travelling yet again! We all had a pretty jamming night.

On Tuesday, me and the notorious Big K went on a road trip to Manchester for K's uni interview. In retrospect, I might have been a bit stupid for volunteering to drive up north. It took about 4 hours to get there and then another 4 hours back... All in torrential rain! It was pretty jokes laughing at all the Northern Monkeys though! We checked out 'Note' skate store which was pretty sick, but I managed to restrain myself from buying anything. Luckily K's parents funded the whole trip and I managed to get free food for a day out of it!

Yesterday was Caleb's birthday and we all went out for a meal at Bucks Balti. It was pretty jokes and I managed to get a free meal yet again. I think the real celebrations for Mr. Walton's 19th will start this weekend though as everybody had work/school today... Except for me and Freshie who went for a skate! The weather was too sick not to!

Anyway that's pretty much all that I can remember from the last week. Apologies for the lack of updates, I've been mackin' too many hoes. Peace x

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