Monday, 23 March 2009


Easy now rude boys/gyals! Seeing as it's Monday I thought I'd put up a post about the weekend. Friday was a really jamming day. A few of us went to Aston Clinton for a cheeky skate in the sunny weather. Friday evening was siiick: A load of us went over to Big K's house. He had a free yard so we all chilled in the front room with pizzas, movies, etc. A few people slept over, but I decided to drive home and gave Edel a lift on the way.

Saturday was even better. The warm, sunny weather continued so we went to Aston Clinton... Again. There was a pretty big crew of us this time; with people skating, playing football, or just jamming on the grass. I headed home at about 7pm and grabbed a quick shower before heading out. K still had his free yard so about eight of us went over there and started drinking. At about half nine we all got a couple of taxis over to Bexi's masquerade party at Bob's Barn. It turned out to be a pretty sick party and some funny shit went down.

The party ended at about one and a whole load of people got taxis over to Big K's house. Seeing as his parents weren't home until Sunday, we all carried on partying well into the night and I even managed to get a few hours sleep in his sister's room. I woke up to the standard sight of a messy house with sleeping teenagers scattered all over the floor and empty bottles here, there and everywhere.
Aaron, K, Edel, and Myself treated ourselves to a proper fry up after a quick trip to Tescos. It was the best breakfast I've had in ages! We tidied the house and put on a couple of films, then I headed home about midday and caught up on some sleep.

Sunday evening I went out for a Mother's day meal at the Crow's Nest with the family. Two amazing free meals in a day made me very happy indeed!
And that leads me to today... Monday. The weekend's over already and there's a whole four days until it starts again. Friday should be good though as it's Jason's party. Good times! Anyway, I'm gonna watch some TV and hope that the weather's decent enough for a little skate tomorrow. Good night X

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