Saturday, 11 April 2009


Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates over the last couple of weeks... I have no excuses. I'm just lazy. Basically, the last fortnight has been pretty standard... Maybe a little better than average because everyone's off school. The weather hasn't been too great though. Anyway, I'll try and fill you in on some of the more memorable events.

The weekend before last was Jason's birthday. He had his party at The Saracen's, which could have been a bad choice, but there were so many familiar faces and a good playlist so it was pretty fun. I can't remember much of it, apart from getting very drunk and running off with Emily's camera. Wahay!

Last weekend wasn't too exciting. After hearing that some of our mates were getting in a fight, a few people ended up getting in a taxi over to Thame to help them out. They all managed to get in a fight, with almost everyone coming back with a war wound or two! I, however, ended up getting a cab with Fern, Emily, Lottie and Edel over to Leighton Buzzard to go to a house party we heard about. It was pretty jokes; loads of people were throwing bottles onto the road which was different! We weren't there too long though which was a bit annoying.

Last night was pretty good. Eight of us got a cab over to Rupert's free house and we all proceeded to get very drunk and dance the night away. We got a cab home at about 3am and everybody went back to Carl's free yard.

And that leads me to now, Saturday afternoon. Oh yeah, and as usual there's been a decent amount of skating these last couple of weeks... Sadly no footage though! Hopefully I'll put up a post tonight/tomorrow about tonight if anything interesting happens! Peace X

PS. I forgot to mention Big K got his hair cut! This is a momentous occasion for everyone. We filmed the whole thing, so hopefully you'll be seeing the footage very soon...

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