Sunday, 19 April 2009


Bonjour! How are you? No, you can't answer that question because it was rhetorical. I'm pretty good though. I'm trying to think of a way to make this post a little more exciting than usual... But I can't think of one. Maybe it'll come to me whilst I write. Anyway, this week/weekend has been (as the name implies) standard. The main news is that one of my best buddies, Annabelle, is back from uni for the week. Hooray! So the majority of the week has been spent round hers catching up and whatnot.

This weekend has actually been really good. The weather has been amazing, with lots of blue sky to keep me happy. Friday was spent chilling round Annabelle/Edel's yard, nothing too exciting. Saturday was such a good day, however. Christy, Chaz and Myself took a little road trip over to Abingdon skatepark, just outside of Oxford. The weather was so nice, and the park was siiiick. We all had a pretty fun session, and then headed back home through the Oxfordshire countryside.

Saturday night was spent at Dani's 18th birthday party. Because her parents own the Aristocrat Pub in Aylesbury, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. It was a really good party with a lot of familiar faces and some good music. The party ended at about 1am, but a few of us close friends were allowed to stay and jam in the pub for another hour or so. I headed back to Edel's with a few people and slept on the sofa. Everybody had a really good night!

Today (Sunday) I was supposed to go to Windsor with everyone to watch Carl's 300ft bungee jump... But I was too tired/hungover to go so I just slept. Big K filmed the whole thing and, to be honest, it looked like I missed out! Never mind eh. And that leads me to now... I always seem to be writing these things on a Sunday night. And I never did think of any way of spicing this post up... Oh well. Good night people X

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