Sunday, 15 March 2009

What the weekend?

Hello to all you lovely people out there! I thought I'd put up a post regarding the weekend's antics whilst I can still remember them. Friday was pretty standard, I can't really remember what I did in the day... So it probably wasn't anything exciting! We heard about a party in Bierton (I don't know how we find these things!), so we inevitably headed over there. There was a pretty large group of us and we didn't even know the guy who's party it was... But after our performance at getting into random parties last weekend we thought it was worth a shot! Along the way we were accosted by a horse! It was quite a scary experience; it just ran at us out of the darkness! After a few beers it calmed down though...

Unfortunately, our luck ran out and we didn't manage to get into the party. It looked pretty crappy though to be fair. The clientele consisted mainly of aggy girls and guys who spend a bit too much time at the gym (wastemen).
A fair few of us headed back to Edel's house to carry on drinking and whatever. I was pretty tired so I barricaded myself into a bedroom and had a really nice sleep!

Saturday turned out to be a lot better. Once again there was word of a party in Bierton... However this time we knew a few people going so the mood was a little more optimistic. James Rawlings had a free yard all night so we jammed over his and began the drinking whilst we assembled the troops. We got a taxi to the party a little later. About half of us managed to sneak round the side, but sadly the other half couldn't get in. We met up with Gus, Alza, Dan, Woolly, Ed, etc. inside which was jamming. It turned out I knew a fair few of the girls there too so it wasn't too hard to act like I'd been invited! I managed to steal a few beers which benefited my financial situation... Especially as I hadn't paid to get in! Carl and Dunc managed to 'Bear Grylls' their way in later on too... Good times!

Afterwards, a load of people from the party went back to James's yard and we carried on partying until the early hours of the morning. I had a really good time playing music on the speakers! Once the alcohol began to run out, people started heading home. I ended up getting to bed about 5am, but it was worth it because it was a really good night.

Today hasn't been particularly exciting: I handed in an application form at Budgens in Wendover and then just jammed in Aylesbury with some mates. The weather was really good so it was nice to chill after a hectic weekend. Anyway, I'm off to watch 'The Departed' (Such a sick film!). I shall leave you with a photo of me pumping some serious iron at James's last night! Good night ladies and germs X

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