Friday, 20 February 2009

Start of the half-term

Oh hi! The last couple of days have been pretty eventful, probably because everyone is on half term. As I said, on Monday Me, Enda, and Freshie went for a skate in Aston Clinton. Freshie's just posted a couple of videos of us messing around on his Facebook which you can check out by clicking the picture below. Just click 'next' to see the others.

Wednesday was pretty chilling. Me and Jason got invited to a house party which we went to at about midnight on account of Jason finishing work pretty late. We drove to the party and then proceeded to get as drunk as possible in my car before heading in. We hardly knew anyone but it was a pretty good party. It was a pimps and hoes theme and pretty much everyone was really good. Memorable moments were finding tons of cigarettes and getting with some girl on a car bonnet haha.

I staggered home for about an hours sleep and then managed to wake myself up at 7am for our trip to Thorpe Park! After picking up Jason, Patrick, and Big K, we missioned it up the M25 to Staines. We met up with a couple more guys and all the girls there and went into the park. Our tickets and lunches were all paid for by Emma's parents (big thank you to them!) so it wasn't a very expensive day at all! We went on all the good rides, with the exception of 'Stealth' which was inexplicably closed. I managed to stay awake by drinking as much caffeine as possible and we headed home at about 5 after a really good day at the theme park. On the way home we grabbed a Starbucks and then managed to get lost in the rush hour in Staines... Not fun!

After a quick stop at K's house for some food and computer game fun, we headed over to Duncan's free house to chill. We went out that night around the town just to chill. I managed to slip on the mini ramp in Wendover and now have a huge bruise on my head and a split lip... Hooray! I look a state. We all went home after that and I caught up on a LOT of sleep! And that leads me to now, Friday. I'll probably just have a bath and then head out, I'll let you know what happens! X

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