Monday, 2 February 2009

Weekend goings on

It's been a very long weekend for me! On Friday me and a few others headed over to Edel's house for a few drinks. We all got a bit drunk and then Caleb (who was sober) drove us over to a party in Marsworth. We met a load of our mates there and we all had a pretty good time. The party was in a hall and we all managed to sneak in. Later on, the inevitable fight took place and everybody ended up getting kicked out of the hall. About ten minutes later a ton of police cars turned up (as you can see in the pics!). After messing around outside the hall for a bit we got a lift back into Aylesbury. A load of us went back to Edel's to carry on drinking and blazing which was pretty good. I ended up falling asleep in a blanket on Edel's bathroom floor.

After waking up in the bathroom on Saturday morning I drove home and had a shower and some lunch. Me, Freshie, Christy, Chaz and Gus then went for a skate at Wendover skatepark. It was an alright little session and we all got some super cheap drinks from this amazing newsagent.

After the skate I went home for yet another shower and then went over to Carl's house. We had a few drinks and then Me, Patrick, Elliot and Duncan got the bus to Oxford for a night out. It was a pretty good night, we all got a bit drunk... Except for Patrick who got ten times more drunk than everyone else as usual! He got his penis out in a club and then started a fight so we got kicked out... Good times! I'll put the photos from Oxford up soon as I get them off Patrick. We had a good night wandering around and then ended up getting a cab back to Aylesbury at about 3am.

We found out our good mate Dan Linke had a free yard so me, Dunk and Patrick headed over there. Dan had a really nice house and there were tons of people over there so we all stayed up blazing and drinking for a few hours. Eventually we all ended up going to sleep, with about 5 people in each bed. I ended up crammed between Chelsea, Vicky and Lottie. After a good 2 hour sleep I drove home and caught up on some rest.

Last night I headed back out to Aylesbury. We were going to see Underworld 2 but according to Elliot it's shit, so we just headed over to The Saracen's to play a bit of pool. It started tipping it down with snow and the roads got pretty dangerous so I ended up sleeping over at Jason's crib.

And that leads me to now! I haven't slept in my own bed for three days so I'm looking forward to a good sleep tonight... And hopefully some sledging tomorrow if the snow keeps up. Oh yeah, and I just saw a fox in my garden... Crazy!

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