Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Late night poker

Yo! I got a bit bored and felt like posting a little something. Last night was one of the rare opportunities when we had both poker chips and a venue available, so it looked like a poker night round Patrick's was on the cards (amazing pun)! Me, Elliot, Duncan, Patrick and Jason were up until 3 playing the first game, which Jason proceeded to win. Then we played a second game which I won. I won about 15 quid but it wasn't really worth it because we were all up til gone 6!
Patrick went to bed and Duncan left early so it was down to me, Elliot and Jason to call a cab back to Aylesbury. Our poker chip set looks like a silver briefcase so we pretended it was an official 'dossier' in front of the taxi driver... He didn't understand. I've left you a couple of photos from our early morning wait for the taxi. Anyway, I ended up getting to bed about 9 this morning. Ouch.

I got up around 4 and then headed into the ends. Me, Big K and Duncan went to the cinema AGAIN, this time to see '7 Pounds'. It wasn't a bad film: Will Smith was excellent in it and there were some moving moments, however I felt like it was let down by how long it took to get started and too much dialogue. It was a bit predictable too and the story line wasn't anything special... Six out of ten! Valkyrie (which we saw last night) wasn't much different. It got off to a great start, coming across as very grim classic war film. However, once the subtitles gave way to cheesy American accents the film never really went anywhere. It was unnecessarily complex in parts and Tom Cruise seemed very hard to empathise with... Another six out of ten I'm afraid!!!

Right, it's time for bed. I'm doing nothing all day tomorrow... Great. Bring on the weekend!

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