Saturday, 10 January 2009

Decks, drugs, and profitterols

Right so last night was my good friend Annabelle's leaving meal before she goes back to uni, so about 10 of us all trekked over to the Buglehorn in Stone for dinner. We all got pretty drunk and it was a really good laugh. The walk back home was pretty long and cold but we met up with some mates from the Grammar back in town so it wasn't so bad...

A few of us went back to Annabelle and Edel's house for some more drinks. For anybody who hasn't been, this house is quite something. The family have two houses joined by a corridor; one house being pretty much owned by teenagers! We were all up til gone 5am playing on Martin's decks, playing table-tennis, and just having a laugh basically.

I finally managed to drag myself home around 6am, and proceeded to sleep until about 4 this afternoon. Good times!
I've scattered a few photos from last night's meal throughout this post. I'm pretty happy I managed to find my old SLR now!

Anyway, as tonight is officially Annabelle's last night, a few of us are heading over to the famous house to watch films and have a smoke. Should be nice. I'll try and take a few photos but don't count on anything!

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