Thursday, 8 January 2009


No real reason for a post tonight. I'm at that point in the evening when you're not tired enough for bed, but too tired to be doing anything worthwhile... Thank fuck for the internet!
On my last post I mentioned that I watched the film 'Alien'. Well for the last couple of nights I have been watching every film in the saga... Tonight it's the turn the 3rd instalment, 'Alien 3'. It's probably the worst out of the lot. The first two are amazing. But it still makes for some good light entertainment none the less.

On the plus side, watching these films has made me take an interest in the work of 'H.R.Giger'. He's the dude who conceived the aesthetic side of the films, and also the 'Dune' films which I really like. The guy draws some seriously weird stuff! It's undeniably amazing though... I've scattered a couple of his pieces about this post. Just click on them to enlarge!
Right, I'm gonna finish this film and then head to bed. I've fished out my old SLR camera so hopefully I will get a few snaps tomorrow and cobble together a slightly more exciting post. Adios!

I promised my mates Jack, Big K and Yaz that I'd post links to their blogs, so here you go guys!
Big K

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