Sunday, 25 January 2009


Hello hello. This is probably the earliest I've ever written a blog... it's only 7pm! Crazy shit. Anyway, I thought I'd post a little blog about this weekend's goings on. On Friday I got up pretty late and met up with Christy, Freshie, Caleb, Chaz and Gus for a little skate in Wendover skatepark. It's a pretty fun park but sadly it was too wet for a proper session. There's a couple of photos from our little trip scattered around the blog... Samba samba! I went home for a quick shower and then headed back out. Friday night was a really good night. Me, Patrick, Chelsey, Edel, and Henrietta went over to Edel's for a few drinks. We all got a bit drunk and then headed over to 'Bob's Barn' in Bierton because we had heard about a party going on there. Even though we got there a bit late it was still all good in the hood because we got in for free and a fair few of our mates were already there!
Unfortunately, I can't find any photos from the party (hence the blog title) so I have drawn a picture to depict what happened:

If you look at the picture you can see that Elliot got in a fight... As usual. It was pretty funny though, Caleb even helped out. We all got home pretty late and I slept over at Edel's and went home in the morning.

Yesterday (Saturday) was a pretty chilling night. Again, we went over to Edel's house, but this time there was about 10 of us there so we played manhunt with the lights off! It was really fun because Edel's house is so huge, and we didn't have any light at all so it was pretty scary! Caleb found the best hiding place of the night, simply lying on one of the work surfaces... Here's a photo (you can only see him because of the flash!)

And that leads to now. Me, Duncan and Big K are off to the cinema for the billionth time. This time we're going to see Valkyrie... I'll let you know what I think of it!
Bye x

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