Monday, 9 February 2009

Snow and bassline

Yo! This weekend has been yet another heavy one. Friday started off to a shakey start. A few off us were intending to head to London for a gig but we thought we might not make it because of the heavy snow. Luckily the trains were running and the day got under way. Me and Aaron got the train to London before everyone else so we started drinking in Marlyebone station nice and early. Freshie, Emma, Enda, Caleb, Danielle, Carl and Jason turned up soon enough and after a few hours of hanging around central London we got the tube and headed south to Elephant and Castle. This area is pretty rough and after a long search we found the place. It's called Corsica studios, and from the outside you wouldn't think much of it. It looked ghetto as. Once we got inside we found ourselves in what looked like a weird converted old factory. There were neon and UV lights everywhere and lots of strange things on the walls... It sick! We were there to see the likes of A1 Bassline, Foamo, Fake Blood... Some seriously heavy dance/electro/bassline artists. The gig was insane and we all got on stage. After a good seven hours of dancing the bassline gave way to dubstep and we all decided to get the first train home. After a long tube ride we got the 7.30am train back to Aylesbury from Marlyebone. The night was fucking long but worth it!

I slept all day Saturday then about ten of us headed over to Aaron's free yard. Aaron has an amazing house; it's huge and the interior design is sick. We had a blaze over there and had a chilled out night watching movies over a few beers. Good times.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. We went to the cinema (you guessed it) to see 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button'. The film is really good, probably the best of the year, I recommend it to anyone with a spare three hours! It's based around a guy called Benjamin who ages backwards. The acting is excellent, as is the directing. The only drawback I found was that once you get over the fact that the guy is ageing backwards, the film IS just about a guy having a pretty normal life. For example, when Benjamin and his lover are both the same age (they meet in the middle) it's just a film about an average relationship... That said it's the best film out at the moment and well worth the money. Just make sure you take some food!

Right, now I have to make the decision as to whether to waste money going out on a Monday night... I'll probably stay in. Peace X

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