Monday, 20 July 2009

Behnaz Diaz!

Yo! I´m just chilling at an Internet cafe in Barcelona at the moment! It´s pretty amazing here! The weather has been so hot for the last couple of days, but I am happily putting up with it. We have skated a few spots so far, and spent a fair amount of time chilling on the beach. On the first night we got really fucked, carved a face into a water melon, and threw it out of our 6 storey apartment... Sick! Anyway I haven´t got long left on this computer, but I thought I´d stick a quick update regarding my travels on here. I´ll try and upload some photos next time I´m on here. Hope everyone at home is doing well! X

Hello! I never got round to putting up the pics from Barcelona! So here are some of my favourites, along with Shicken's edit of the trip. Watch us shave his head at the end! And check the photos of the water melon we carved... Then the ten metre blast radius it made when we threw off our apartment roof! X

The edit!

More Skateboarding >>

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