Monday, 8 March 2010


Hello rudeboys/rudegirls.

After a long and cold winter, it seems that Spring may finally be upon us! The days are getting longer and the sky is getting a bit more blue, and this means that we've been out skating a fair bit more. A few weeks ago there was a 'jam' at the Milton Keynes bus station, which basically means that the council hire a DJ (who usually plays inappropriately loud music) and host a skate competition. It was good fun as per usual, and everybody there enjoyed themselves. My fellow blogger Jamie (AKA Swampy) made this little edit of the days antics... Look out for Caleb after a Redbull too many!

A couple of weeks ago Big K, Freshie, Aaron and myself headed over to London to see the GZA from the Wu-Tang Clan. If you're unfamiliar with hip-hop then you probably wont know who this guy is, so just to explain: He is one of the founding members of the group, and has arguably the most impressive solo career out of all nine members... And he is sick live! We found ourselves in a very crowded Jazz Cafe in Camden, filled with a variety of hip-hop fans. They were playing really good music and it wasn't long at all before the GZA made his appearance. He was probably more fucked than anyone else in the gig, but this didn't stop him from giving a great performance! Everything got a bit live-o when he jumped into the crowd, but it was really fun. In his own words 'He was just there to have a good time'. After playing some classics from 'Liquid Swords' and even some '36th Chambers' stuff, he ended the set and everyone tried to get on stage. I just about got to shake the guy's hand, but Aaron somehow managed to get his shoe signed! After that we jumped straight on a train and headed home. I ended up staying round K's with Freshie, playing N64 late into the night...
Here's a link to a video that Freshie filmed of the GZA himself.

Not much happened last week, but last weekend a few of us took a road trip over to Cardiff to visit Duncan and Dixon at their uni. This was my first time visiting the guys since they left so I was pretty excited. I met Edel and Danielle on Friday afternoon and, after loading up Edel's car, we drove over to Winslow to pick up Jack and Caleb. The drive was really funny, and the amazing weather kept us all in a pretty good mood. After reaching Cardiff we met up with Dunc and Dixon and dumped our stuff in Chris's flat. It was Caleb's birthday on the Thursday so we all intended to celebrate it that night. Everyone had got tickets to see an indie band called the 'Ex Lovers' in Bristol that night, so it wasn't long before we were all on the train from Cardiff. Edel and Duncan both managed to get kicked out of the club straight away, but then both proceeded to get back in again somehow. The gig was actually really good, and the band played a great set. We got chatting to a few of the band afterwards and they were all really safe, one of them even skated and knew some of the guys from Barcelona! Speaking of coincidences, the gig was only round the corner from where we saw the Motive premiere a few months back! (See previous post!)
We ended up meeting Edel's brother, Martin (who goes to uni in Bristol) and hung out with him for a bit. We considered hitting up a Shy-FX gig, but after realising the last train was at one, we made our way back to the train station and headed back to Cardiff. Pretty much everyone went to bed, apart from Duncan and Dixon who seemed to stay up all night talking about how they were L.A.D. Positive.

The majority of Saturday was spent recovering in Dixon's room. Dani, Caleb and I got a fry-up from a cafe round the corner which nicely sorted out any hangovers we were experiencing. There was a free party at a club that night, which was conveniently down the road from the guys flats, so we all decided to check it out. The venue was pretty sick; it had a huge outdoor smoking area on the roof, and there was a live dubstep set going on on the first floor. It was a pretty good night, other than the fact that I'm not really into dubstep and I managed to lose everyone half way through. After realising nobody had their phones on them, I headed back to the uni flats. Dixon had shown me how to get through the door using just a stone, so luckily I got out of the cold and fell asleep on the airbed in Dixon's room.
We left at lunchtime on Sunday, and everyone felt a little worse for wear. The weather was really nice again, and the car journey ended up being really funny. The road between Swindon and Oxford was closed, which meant we ended up going on a huge diversion through some very quaint Cotswold villages. Bibury was one such village that fell victim to a car full of lost teenagers, playing Wu-Tang clan at full volume. We weren't welcome.

We made it home in one piece and I pretty much slept all day yesterday. That's about all that I can remember from the last few weeks. This weekend is my good friend Ruben's party, so I shall try and inform you/anyone out there of what goes down. Adios amigos X

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